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5 Must Have Videos You Need To Create For Your Business

Business Videos

 Five Most Needed Business Videos

We hear so many people talking about the kinds of business videos you should create.

Articles boasting the top 10 videos you need to create or the top 20 videos you need

Business Videos

Which Small Business Videos should you make first? We have selected the Top Five Results Maker Videos.

to create.

Well, we’ve made it really simple for you. Because, when you start, we know it’s easy to get overwhelmed.  We have selected the “results maker videos” plus to extra topic videos most small business owners forget.

So how do you start and where do you start?  Sounds very basic but in reality more business owners aren’t to sure of themselves when it comes to publishing a video for their business.

  • What videos are really important for you to start with.
  • We’ve come up with our top five list for you.
  • So that you don’t feel intimidated or overwhelmed, let’s make some of these videos.
  • They will really help your business to grow.

Let’s Discuss these five “Results Maker Videos”.

  1. Testimonials, ask clients for testimonials. They’re really really valuable.  Don’t sell yourself short not asking a client for testimonial is like missing 20 possible sales.
  2. Video Blog just that, talk to your smart phone and upload videos about your business products and services.  Don’t tell everything you know in one video.  Separate each service or product into it’s on video.  Try to keep them a maximum of 3-5 minutes with 3 minutes or less being optimum.   If a Video Blog, isn’t for you use our next video suggestion.
  3. Do little engaging series of interviews featuring employees and customer services they perform. Use engaging regular content so the video can be used on your video blog either or within the content of your website article. This is easy thing to do and you can involve your employees. This creates ownership where they care more about your business because you are asking them to participate.  Remember to get a release form from them to publish the video.  You never know when someone will get unhappy and accuse you of publishing content without their permission.
  4.  How to videos. Youtube loves how to videos and this is where everybody searches for information. So if have an educational something, or some tutorials on How To or create them, it’s a really good idea to put those up. Remember to gear the How To toward your business.
  5. Free Giveaway, here is the opportunity to sell slowing moving products by packaging them with something else and giving away something that costs you very little.  For example if you have an inspection of some type this is perfect.  Usually an inspection reals a service call or repair.  Even an upgrade.  Offer a product or service with a free upgrade.  Cleaning an extra room, furnace filter whatever you can do with minimal cost. Clients love free no matter what it is, as long as they can make use of it or regift it you are golden.

Here is a Bonus: 

  1. Maybe it’s half or hour training sessions on one of your products or services.  You can always put an upgrade or trade-in opportunity for your client in the video to make more sales. Maybe it’s you talking about a subject for 10-15 minutes.  Giveaway’s that the builds trust and relationships with your clients.
  2. Most Overlooked the “Welcome Video”. This video does exactly what you think.  It welcomes people when they go on to your YouTube channel or your website.  You really have to talk about what benefits them. Don’t talk about how much you’ve done or how cool you are, and the fortunes you’ve.  Talk about the benefits they will receive by using your company. That’s want will make them stick to your website, to find out more. They want to know what’s in it for them, in the quickest possible time. If you don’t use a captivating “What’s In It For Them” title or attention grabber phase they’ll be gone.  You lose them and they’ll click away to another website.  One last word that is very important.  You have 3 to 5 seconds to get the looker to stick on your website or video.

So Engaging and Benefits To Them are the two key words that will create sales for you.  

Hope this clears up some of the mystery around making the right business videos first.



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