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How To Start A Business With NO MONEY!


How To Start A Business With NO MONEY!

What’s up guys?

We want to break down how to Start A Business With No Money.

Really, you can do this right now from your Home, you can do this.

Imagine how this could work if you have a social media marketing account.   Because the truth is Social Media Companies and others are very stable and profitable businesses you can be run from home.  Yes I know, most of us do not have a Media Marketing Agency.  All you need is a good laptop and an internet connection. (not dialup)  If you want to honestly start any type of home based business, this article will provide you with some nuggets of gold. Read through this article and let the Concept soak in.

Starting A Business With No Money

You can start a business with little or no money. You already know of home based businesses, internet businesses and craft businesses right. Many of them are home based.

Here we go, on a ride of new beginnings and surprise endings, fasten your seat belt.

From our original college days, studies of business and entrepreneurship have been updated.  Keeping up with the latest trends and not getting lost in the fads of the moment.  As we have gone along through the years since graduation many things sound different but are the same.  For example Guerrilla Marketing, means using a small budget to maximize your effectiveness in product, service or company exposure.

The first book on Guerrilla Marketing titled by the same name was published back in the early 90’s.  We call it, target marketing on a budget today.  I have found some of the sharpest marketing people running their own small business without any formal education.  They have used gut instinct knowing their customer base and what the competition has to offer.  Did you every hear the Cliche’ success is 98% perspiration and 2% know how.  Don’t believe it!  Today you need more than a never say die attitude.  You need a plan and a way to implement it.  Starting a home based business is no different.

These entrepreneurs, without the formal education have been more than successful.  More so than many of the other small business owners for one reason.  They know their competition and either offer competitive products or pile on the service.   Which in turn, makes their customers so loyal they would never think about going anywhere else.  They have developed what we now call rapport or customer relationships.

 If you ask a retired business person
why were they successful they most likely will say,
“heck it was simple.
I knew my customers by first name,
I was considered a friend.
I always sold them what they needed
not always what they asked for”!

How To Start A Business With

Each year some new electronic something or software shows up.  That covers things

New Gadgets New Opportunity

Okay, who would have thought you could check your email, stock market and get messages on your watch or phone 5 years ago?  What’s stopping you from a home based business in 2018?

for the startup business novice, that we didn’t do until we were actually into our degree phase in college, (junior, senior years.)  Now many manual aspects of running a business can be computerized and should be.  (Warning:  Have your data backed up and stored in a separate location.  Use a USB (Thumb Drive or a Add-on Hard Drive.)

You may have an idea, or a craft, writing or carving, painting, fixing small engines or appliances.  Remember your home based business is what ever makes you feel comfortable.  How many time have we heard this cliche’?  “If you love what you do, you won’t work a day in your life.”

I have a little story of a marketing course I took at a college that ranked very high in prestige and tuition to match.   My parents thought I was kidding when I shared this adventure in marketing that was assigned to us.

Here’s a class very similar to the class I had in college.  All you have to do through the whole semester (term) is make a thousand bucks.   Yup, that was it, and  75% of your grade was based on if you could earn a thousand dollars.  Some rules applied but really just stay within the law.  You know, no selling drugs, panhandling or having Aunts, Uncles or family give you the money.  It was very formal on a nice sheet of copier paper.  Each student had to sign the paper and give it back to the “Mad Man” they called the marketing professor.

We were all given a starter kit item.  This was a physical product and I can guarantee it had less value than one might expect.  It was almost demoralizing when we were hand our starter kit.   I was given a broom.  Nobody was given anything of perceived value.    Your goal is to return back and you have at least fifty dollars in cash.  From the first weekend.  Then if you passed this goal you were given the rest of the month to raise the $1000.00.

Broom One way to Barter

In our example the broom was a big let down but turned into a real golden nugget.  Your home based business can be a clean sweep.

You know you can sell the broom or you can use the broom to generate cash.  The how, is left up to you.  I saw the instructor walking around asking what the student wanted from his collection of oddities.  I spotted a couple things I felt I could use to bargain my way to the $50.00 on the first phase of our test.  Then the items I spied were gone.  He says, “well here is a good product that everyone else has overlooked, it is yours…he handed me the broom, of course.

I stared at the broom.  You know those brown kind with straw bristles like Grandma always used.  In that moment I was truly stunned, what to do with this stupid broom.

Now remember the “how” is not specified other than the little legal issues of drugs and family, robbery, panhandling, as we spoke of earlier.

Based on that you could  trade your broom for whatever that something else is. Then trade again for something else and then come back your fifty dollars cash in hand.   This part of our course was to get us used to thinking creatively right Anyway.  Of course we had one over energetic student Ashley who blurted out,  “what was the most anyone has returned with from this exercise?”  The instructor said, “$140.00.”

What I didn’t share with you is you have 3 days to accomplish this first goal from Friday after class to Monday class to raise the $50.00.  You have to make three or four trades of actual physical goods or physical products before you try to raise the actual cash.

The clock is Always Ticking

You don’t always have as much time as you want to raise money.  A home based business should help you create a new lifestyle.

At the end selling whatever that something resulted in, after the trades.  I traded my new broom for a flat tire and rim.  I didn’t care about the tire, I wanted the rim to trade.  Which I did for cash and sold it for $10.00.  Then I hustled my butt across the street to the auto supply store and bout 9 air fresheners for a buck a piece.  I wanted 10 but I had to pay tax which made me short of money for the tenth one.  You were not allowed to use your own money either and had to bring in proof of all transactions.  It was a pain!

I went to the street corner and sold them to passing motorists for $2.00 each.  That took a couple hours and now I have $18.00 and change.

So what can I get that will provide a return and at least double my money?  That double my money thought never left my thinking.  It was part of my strategy from the beginning.

“Luck was on my side, but then again it isn’t luck if you
recognize an opportunity, is it?”

I spotted a yard sale down the street a ways with what looked to be a pretty nice bike for sale.

Bicycles are always in Demand at Colleges

This isn’t my first trade this looks like my future bike I traded to get. Home Based Businesses can be based on yard sales for products.

It was older, even classic looking.  The sales sticker said $40.00,  darn…Just them a woman walked up and said can I help you?  No, I really wanted this bike but I only have half the money you are asking for it.  She looked at me and and smiled…what do you do.  Oh I am a poor college student and the bike was going to be used for transportation to and from class.  I was real careful not to say I would be using it to ride to and from class.  To me I morally was telling the truth, someone was going to use it for that, I just didn’t know his or her name yet!

The lady says give me what you have and it’s yours.  Hot Dog!  Thank You ma’am.

I pinched the tires and they were full of air.  I hopped on the bike and started riding back to school.  I was going to ask $60.00 for this baby and hopefully get my $50.00.  I had my cash in hand before the sun went down on Friday.

So Saturday I was downtown just out and about.  I looked in a pawnshop window and their was this pretty decent looking guitar.  I went in and there was another bike only this one was nice, modern and more of a guys bike.  The tag said $50.00.  Of course I had $50.00 and change.  I said to the guy, with big wet chewed on cigar sticking out of his mouth and dirty tee shirt, “how about $45.00?”  His answer,” how about you leave.”

 “Wait, I just wanted to buy this bike, but I only have $45.00 plus the tax.”  He looked at me mashing his cigar and moving it around in his mouth.  “You got 5o bucks sonny?”  “Yes I do sir, right here.”  I pulled out my 2 $20’s and a $10 spot.  “The bikes your’s sonny, now get out of here.”  He was a bit gruff but I had a new bike to trade up.  A bit of a risk when I had a bird in hand, my $50.00.  Now I have a much better bike.  Not every college kid is poor but I have to tell you there is no middle class in college!  You are either from a wealthy family or you are poor and struggling.

Somebody in a Crowd will want a bike.

Now a word of caution selling bikes. Some may think the bike is stolen.  So where you sell and how can determine your outcome.

So I headed back to the college looking for someone with a lot of books.  This is perfect put a basket on it and you are golden.  The first three guys I approach, likely prospects said, “no”.  I Then crafted a for sale sign out of a piece of cardboard from a pizza box to help my marketing effort.

A girl comes up and said,  “cool bike how much do you want for it?”  $120.00. “Oh” she says,  “I was hoping you were going to say $100.00.”  My response, (learned from my cigar mashing buddy) “Do you have a $100.00?”  “Yup”, she says, “right here, 5 $20 dollar bills.”  I told her she just bought a bike.  I got a big hug and 5 $20 dollar bills.  Now I have $100.00 in two days.  Now it is the afternoon on Saturday, but I still doubled the goal.

What I am showing you here is bartering course.  Yet we lose the facts that some people’s junk are other people’s treasure.  Now that you have bartered your way to some cash what’s next?

Well I went back to the yard sales.  But this time I was much more particular.  I was

Home Based Business

Rusty Bed Frame, do you have the vision to see this rusty old bed frame sanded and painted?

looking for laptops.  Sounds crazy but some of the older generation people had some pretty sweet laptops and only play games on them.  I found one for $50.00.  It was pretty new but best of all it had the right programs on it so you could write papers and articles charts and the like.  Now $50.00 in pocket and a laptop.  It was a win-win either way.  I was moving on to the $1000.00 final and had momentum.  I sold that for $100.00 just walking down the hallway of the dorm.  Done by late Saturday afternoon.  So let’s get back on subject.


Home Based Business Low Cost

Do you recognize the black bed frame? Yup that ole rusty frame turned into a beautiful antique.

Now let’s look at an update of that bed frame.  It took some sanding, lucky for me my neighbor had an electric sander.  All I did was buy the sandpaper for it.  After about 3 hours of real work I painted it with Black Rust-oleum.  I cut some bed slats for the box springs and it was ready to go.  I bought the frame for $10.00, sandpaper $8.00 and two cans of paint $12.00.  The slats were and $4.00 from the lumber yard, from ends of 20 foot boards. already cut off.  So $34.00 for an antique bed frame that looks as good as new and will sell for $100 to $150.00.  Okay my labor of 3 hours.  I know I can sell this bed frame for $150.00 less my expenses off $34.00= $116.00 / 3 = $38.66 per hour, for my three hours.  Sound good.


How To Start A Business with No Money.   Number one guys you got to get creative, okay?   Remember the exercise was designed for us to get creative.  You can start with nothing.   I know people have done this experiment with the unlikeliest of things.  Are you stuck, let’s get unstuck right now!  Shipping pallets, yes shipping pallets.  Many places will give them to you for free.

How much do you think this pallet plaque sells for?

Amazing Grace Pallet Plaque

Here is something you can do and it is cheap but returns (profits) are pretty good.  A home based business product that never goes out of style.

This plaque sells for $44.00 on a large online shopping site.   Now you can paint it, use permanent marker, even router and paint and sell for at least $30.00.  This is just one item and it can say anything from religious verses to “Welcome to Our Mess!”  The pallet is free for the picking up.  You have put time and thought into your verse or saying.  Add some paint or permanent marker and that’s it.  I shouldn’t forget you do have to take the boards off the free pallet and nail them together with two backer boards.

This is just one of the many opportunities you can do.  What would you have in inventory costs?  If you are like me all you can do is smile.  You have less than $10.00 including driving to pick up the pallet(s)

Now let’s think outside the box.  What happens if you print a photo and paste it onto the wood and then put clear coat or shellac over it for a nice shiny presentation.  Before you jump

Photo on Wood From Pallet

Here is a nice opportunity to make a large income without leaving home.  You might be shock how much you make with this product in your home based business.

make sure the photos are not In-Jet.  The colors will run in many cases.  Here is a way to really make this photo presentation on pallet material creating real value for clients.  Take the photo and have it blown up to a large size at say Walgreens.  The cost is very low and you have just created a $125.00 rustic photo and not destroyed the original photo.  Would you believe you just made a cool $100.00 profit.  This same thing sells for $200-$250.00.   Please remember to put your name and contact phone number on the back!

So how many other options can you think of making with free pallet material?

I can think of a few more.  I have seen the American Flag rustically painted on pallet boards.  You can create wall art with free pallet materials.  Small businesses usually will be happy to give you their pallets.

How To Start A Business With NO MONEY! 

Starting a Business From Home

Did you ever think of close out items that stores sell for pennies on the dollar. Make sure the item works or is not broken. Make sure in your mind you can resell the item.

This is only the tip of the iceberg so to speak.  So many ways you can make an honest living from home.  Thousands of American’s do it going to yard sales.  Then reselling or refurbishing items and then reselling their finds.  People sell old furniture dirt cheap.  I have seen lawn furniture that needed a coat of paint.  So many items so little time.  Of course if you build your inventory you can rent a booth at flea markets.  Get yourself a nice outdoor chair and sell your goods.

Many more people turn their hobbies into full time jobs.  Not because they retired, but because their company down sized and they were left out in the cold, with no job or paycheck.

Like cooking?  What about catering to church events, weddings and other events like family

Home Based Business Startups

Can you see a vision here for a catering business with specialty food that most caterers won’t serve?

reunions.  Let’s face it nobody wants to travel 3 – 4 hours to a reunion and bring a dish to pass.  If you created a reunion package that feed say 20 people on up by increments to 100 people how much could you make?  Now you are saying sure how do I get clients for something like that?  Facebook, local restaurants that don’t do catering.  Hang a card on the board or better yet a card dispenser near the checkout if the owner will let you.

Word of mouth, referrals by friends and co-workers, if you are still working.  Here is my slam-dunk when you get a call create a portion of the meal in advance.  Set your appointment and drop off a sample of your work for them to eat.  Please make sure it is at their workplace, so the portion needs to be a bit bigger for a few of the other people to get a taste.  Use those little paper taster cups, a little dab in each of your specialty.  Make sure you use serving gloves.  You will be busy and you might even get more clients from the taste testing venture.  Check you local licensing laws on food prep and catering.  You should do this with any business before you start.

If you decide to delivery something get yourself a magnetic sign for your vehicle and some business cards.  You’ll be off and running.

Photography, Tutoring, Furniture Refurbishing or Repurpose, Home Day Care, Portraits (if you

How To Start a Business with No Money

Stay away from clothing unless it is very special and fetches a high price. It has to be special. Yard sales sell lots of clothes. Hunting Clothes maybe. I never would venture into clothes, just saying.

are artistic) They send you a photo and you recreate it in either pencil, charcoal or paint.  Brainstorm, you’ll come up with the right home based business just right for you.  I would stay away from clothes.  Unless they are special purpose like hunting clothes.  Even then I would be very cautious.  Remember clothes have styling issues and colors that come and go.

Remember a website will help you sell your wares faster and help your community exposure.

Niche Marketing to a large market with demand is your best opportunity.  Stay focused and keep and open mind.  You may discover you make more money with your home based business than you did going to work and putting up the egos most bosses seem to have.

Our hope is this jogged your brain with new ideas a bit and gave you some new incite into an old profession, Bartering and self-sufficiency.

How To Start A Business With NO MONEY!  I’ll bet you have already thought of a few things you can do.  This may be a second income option.  A option for either spouse that is home for one reason or another.  Remember this can be part time.


Starting a Home Based Business

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