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Facebook Video Growth


Have you ever heard a picture is worth a thousand words, then “How To Videos” and Videos in general are probably worth a million words.

 That is what all the research is telling us.  The new consumer is more visual than we think.

If any of the recent studies have any grain of truth in them you may be just in time to hop on the train to higher profits.  But it won’t be pictures that will carry the load to you clients.  It is going to be VIDEOS.  Recently Facebook release a projection that should be a in your face indicator of what is happening.  Facebook projects that within 3 years 90% of all postings on Facebook are

Facebook Video Growth

This is one of the key message systems for posting where you are at, snapping photos and voice videos to post on Facebook.

going to be videos.  That got our attention, did it get your attention too?

So we looked deeper and found the fact that most people are using SmartPhones to connect to their Facebook account, shooting a quick video with voice and uploading it is a snap.  Do you see the value of video and the business position of domination within a market segment?

Don’t know what video to make?  Stand in front of your building with the name of your business or sign showing.  The tell the phone where you are and what you are doing today.  You see people may be afraid of speaking in front of a crowd but you are a crowd of one!

You talk into your phone everyday, so now let’s take a little time for some quick tips.

  • Write down what you want to say.  Even the most accomplished speakers have a script to follow so they do not miss and points.
  • Shot a practice video, you can delete and start over as many times as you want.
  • Length of videos should not be longer than 3-5 minutes maximum with ideal being about two or three minutes.  Now you know if you ask 10 different people the same question, you’ll get 10 different answers.  This is what we recommend after years of using video for sales and marketing online presentations.
  • When you start you final take and someone honks their horn and waves you might want to leave that in your video.  It shows the viewers you are well liked, even if the passerby that honked makes an obscene gesture, keep smiling.  Then say “it’s nice to have customer recognition”, then continue with your video.  You may be laughing right now but have you ever seen a reporter doing a live segment and have someone wave or make faces behind them.  That’s someone looking for 30 seconds of fame, as it is referred too.  They call all their friends and tell them to look for them on the news channel, then they tell the channel.  Now do you know why they never retake?  One it’s live and two it brings in more viewers.  It’s a win-win.
  • At the end of you video say something like:  Hay, thanks for watching this is “Dave/Michelle”  [insert your name] from XYZ company.  Look for our next video…just for watching stop in and get a free [whatever you can entice them with to stop by] flashlight keychain.

We take “How To Videos” and make the subject matter simple to understand and small business methods you can implement without spending a dime in most cases.  Of course, if you are still using a FLIP-PHONE, maybe you need to update your phone a wee bit!

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Search Our easy to use our data base of articles, video, podcasts and eBooks, checklists, even find the right software to grow your company.

We have many “How To Videos” covering a array of business subjects in our video library.  Just Choose a topic and you can watch online, from your smartphone, iPad or laptop.  If you have questions we have a forum where you can ask questions.  If you want videos made for you we can do that too, very reasonably.   This is just one of the subjects you can use immediately to bring in more customer and consequently more profits to your company.

Still thinking this is too hard?  Have your 9 year old do it!  Yup, it really is that easy.  Tip 1 Make sure to turn on your video tap the change button from outward looking backward so you can see yourself.  You are ready to go, depending on if you created your script and practiced a few times.

Tip 2  Making your How To Video debut easier.   Find the topic and area you want to shoot your video.  Pull your car up in front of you.  Make sure when you do this that your distance from your background subject matter is still visible.   HERE IS THE TIP  Print off you script and tape it to the side window on the car.  Now you can read the script or give yourself a reminder if you get stuck and forget a word.  I drive an SUV so the windows are a bit higher.  Just remember you can have your background in your photo and your face does not have to be perfectly in front of the camera.  It works and sometimes takes the stress out of making the video.

How To Videos for your business using your smart phone and a video stick.

Video Stick for Smartphones this is an example from Staples that was $11.95. Prices may change but the range is under $15.00. This one offers some nifty upgrades, the desk holder tripod and it has a bluetooth shutter release.

Tip 3  You can buy one of these camera sticks that extend your phone away from you further than your arm.   Your smartphone attaches to the adjustable length camera stick in under a minute.  The cost for one of these sticks is about $12.00 to $15.00.  It’s a cheap investment.  Mine is 3 years old and working like a charm.  They resemble a golf club with a small platform to mount your smartphone.

On the left is the example of the Camera Stick it extends to 8 1/2″ to 42″.  I mentioned in the photo description the upgrades that come with this purchase.  I think the Bluetooth Shutter Release is one of the best options.  Your hand can be by your side, you can fidget and get yourself in the right spot and hit the button to start the action.  I am not sure if you tap the button again if the video shuts off or if this is a single shot for one photo at a time either way it’s a nice feature.  The Tripod I have use many times.  Darn I bought mine separately for $18.00, I got ripped!

Anyway, I hope you can see the value of posting your own videos to your website, YouTube, Facebook and many more social media sites to increase your business traffic.  Stop back again, we are always adding content.  Right now we are still in the launch phase but want to alert you of some of the How To Video articles we will be posting.  In our guide we share with you how to get your video live.  Including how to label your video with the right title to maximize customer interest.


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